About Us

Originally established about 15 years ago, Frame by Frame was purchased by Tane and Michael Turner in 2013.

Michael Turner

You could say that Michael’s background made it more or less inevitable that he would one day own a couple of art and framing businesses. As a high school student he learned the basics of picture framing by working part time in a local framing shop in Wellington.


Many years later in 2011 when the opportunity to buy El Framo came up (a sister framing business to Frame by Frame) Michael jumped at the chance. Why? Because having spent the previous 30 years in the printing and publishing industry in various production management positions he was fed up with corporate life and wanted something with more heart. With that kind of knowledge and experience what could be a better fit than owning a print and framing business?


It helps that Michael has a lifelong interest in the arts. He has an eye for colours and texture, as well as practical hands on experience. He also has an extensive record collection (Vinyl LP’s as well as CD’s), is currently learning bass guitar, and is a lifelong Manchester United fan.

Karyn Taylor

As a graphics designer, fine arts graduate, and artist in her own right, Karyn had the expertise and background to offer sound framing advice.


As a light installation artist Karyn likes to use the properties of light to show connections between physical things that aren’t normally obvious.

One example of her work is “Analysis of a complex system”, which the  Waikato Museum described it as  “Exemplifying similar notions of tenuousness and instability both in the physical materials used and the use of a light show that projected onto the work, becoming part of it - an exquisite kinetic piece playing with the idea of quantum physics.”

As an award winning graphic designer she likes to ensure that an artwork is complemented and enhanced by the frame it’s in. She believes it’s better for the artwork to make its own statement rather than merely acting as a decorative  accessory.

Tane Turner

You might think that owning a framing and art shop is an unlikely pursuit for someone who qualified as an accountant a few years ago, and then spend a couple of years as a claims manager for Vero following the Christchurch earthquake.


But its Tane’s understanding of numbers that makes her such a great business manager, combining nicely with her strong customer service ethic and an eye for detail that is so important in getting framing right. When the opportunity to buy Frame by Frame as a second framing business for she and Michael there was no hesitation.


She also loves to meet new artists – which usually ends up with her persuading them to exhibit in her shop.  And that of course gives her an opportunity to explain to anyone mildly interested just what the artist was trying to achieve with a particular work.


Tane is a keen gardener, likes walking, and reading – especially science fiction and self help books.