Framing Services

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If you’re not sure it can be framed, talk to us about it and you may be surprised by what’s possible.



From solid, three dimensional objects to christening gowns, old documents, cricket bats or toy guns, and even things you may not imagine can possibly be framed, there is always a way.


Allow us to inspire you to take those items out of the cupboard, off the shelf or from under the bed and dignify them by turning them into works of art to be hung on the wall and enjoyed forever.



What We Do:


  • Mirrors

  • Paintings

  • Prints

  • Sporting Memorabilia

  • Rugby Shirts

  • Family Memories

  • Posters

  • Three Dimensional Objects

  • Medals

  • Original Art

  • Limited Editions

  • Ceramics

  • Photography

  • Degrees, Certificates and Diploma's


Or anything else you can think of. We aim to try and engineer a way of framing anything you bring to us. 



The Art Of Framing


There are a couple reasons why it is a good idea to use picture frames to frame artwork, photos or items that are important to you:


Picture Frame Protection: Your artwork will be safe, making it look good and last much longer. Framed art is less likely to become soiled, wrinkled, or bent than if it were stored loose somewhere. And you can have peace of mind knowing your special items are well treated and accounted for.


Picture Frame Display: What better way to show off the certificate you earned or a painting you bought at an auction. Picture framing can creatively showcase your piece’s best features. It will draw the eye to the image, create a sense of importance, and undoubtedly impress your friends!



Gift Vouchers


Frame by Frame gift vouchers can be used for both personal framing and buying of instore framed prints. They are an excellent choice for birthday, wedding and Christmas gifts, and also as corporate “thank yous”.  They are available in $50, $100, $150 and $200 denominations and are valid for one year from the date of purchase.


Free Art & Frame Health Check


Your frames and artwork will benefit from an inspection every five years or so. We offer this free service for all your framed items regardless of where or when the framing was completed.  This can generally be done on the spot – no appointment required.


Time and other thieves can prematurely age your artwork.  The local art market is dominated by works on paper which is prone to degradation from humidity, exposure to sunlight and acidity which expresses itself as brown spots known as foxing. These conditions are generally treatable and like many things early diagnosis is helpful.  Fading from exposure to light is generally irreparable.  Therefore a considered selection of the type of glass to be used in framing is crucial.  Evaluation of the condition of your work is free of both cost and obligation.  Where necessary, a free assessment can be obtained from an independent conservator to obtain costs for restoring the piece. 


Checks include:


  • Checking the art and mats for signs of mould, UV light damage and foxing (acid damage)

  • Checking condition of glass, frame, spacers and boards

  • Checking the condition of hanging systems

  • Checking for ingress of dust, damp and insects



Different types of Glass


Your artwork is precious, and a lot of them will be susceptible to fading. Any glass with UV filtering qualities will prevent this.


We offer 3 main types of glass. Clear, Conservation Clear UV and Museum.


  • Clear glass is the cheapest option, but has no UV filtering qualities as a result. 

  • Conservation Clear UV glass is the most commonly used for UV protection. it is 99% UV protecting to keep your artwork looking exactly like it did when it went in the frame for as long as 100 years.

  • Museum glass is the best quality glass we offer. This is what we use instead of non-reflective glass. Non-reflective glass is an older idea, and unless is it pressed right against the work (whihc is bad for it) then it has a slight diffusing quality. Museum is super clear, non-reflective AND UV filtering.  


We do offer the more traditional version of non-reflective glass, but we generally recommend that if you want that non-relfective quality, you go for the museum glass as non-reflective works on very few pieces. 





Over time, your work may have developed dicolouration, brown spots or some other marks due to a non-archival environment. If you are worried about a piece, bring it in for an obligation free quote from our restorer. The restoration process will help bring your piece back to its former glory and with a new set of boards around it in the frame, it shouldn't happen again.



Double-sided frames


Double sided frames are the perfect option for that odd item that has an important feature on the back you woud like to be able to see as much as the front. If you have an unusual piece, come and talk to us and we can see what we can do for you.





We have an in-house giclee printing service to provide fade resistant printing of photos, artwork and limited edition prints. We can print up to 60cm wide and as long as you want. We also have several different paper types to choose from so you can achieve the look you are after. 





Prints can be laminated to provide strength and scratch resistance. This process involved mounting them to a board and attaching hangers so you can pop them on the wall. 



Canvas stretching 


We stretch all types of canvases, and can print on canvas too. Whether you have an older work that needs re-stretched or an item that has been removed from the original stretcher for portability, we can help you out. You have a choice of either doing a plain stretch where the canvas is just wrapped around the sides or you can opt to add a frame of your choice.