The New Parking Situation at Frame by Frame

If you have been in to visit us in the last few weeks, you may have noticed all the changes happening in our carpark. Yes we know it sounds boring, but just give us a minute to talk about parking in Newmarket because we’re sure you’ll benefit from this.

Even if you have just driven past recently, you may have noticed our carpark has come under management from Wilson Parking. On the face of it you may not be falling over yourself about that. But this is actually good news for our customers because:

  • There are now free spaces available for you to use whereas previously the park was always full

  • First 30 minutes is FREE

  • You can extend to 2 hours FREE if you get a Parking Pass from us

Previously the carpark was often oversubscribed due to local workers parking there all day. Now the Pay and Display is up and running this has been minimised leaving parks free for you to use.

To have 30 minutes Free Parking all you need to do is print a free ticket at the machine and display it on your dashboard.

To extend this to 2 hours just pop in and see us for a 2 hour Parking Pass, this will need to be displayed on your dashboard. (remember we also have a back door accessible from the lower carpark - this is the door closest to the train tracks. See the photo set below for an explanation).