Introducing the Ross Jones Portfolio Prints!

Limited edition prints are hard. Each artist releases an exclusive number of each print to be fought over, and once they're gone, they're gone. The team know a few people who have missed out on some of the classics from Ross Jones because they sold out, the last few always disappear so quickly. What's great is now, you don't have to freak out about the fact that there are only one or two Rocket Man's still available!

Introducing the VERY recently launched Portfolio collection of prints from Ross Jones. Mini reproductions of all the classics in a new limited edition run of 150. With the promise of more iconic pieces being transformed into their mini counterparts in the near future, Ross has started with 6 new versions of the old favourites. From Rocket Man, to Hokey Pokey, Red Racer to One More Game, the starting selection already has something for every Ross Jones fan.

The Portfolio Collection is a little special though. Each of them come in their only folio packaging that is almost as nice as the print itself (almost) with a little synopsis about Ross, his artwork, his career, as well as including the authencity certificate as proof of their legitimacy.

This collection are also significantly smaller in size than their limited edition counterparts. With a paper size of _____ by _____, they are a far more friendly for those of you with little free wall space (we're all putting our hands up to that one over here). Plus you could get away with having a couple in your house without them taking up too much room! Such a good idea if you're indecisive when it comes to choosing your favourite.

We have standardised pricing for buying them framed, with your choice of white or black frame depending on your taste (and the print you choose!). You can't go wrong with a standard box frame on Ross' work (its how 90% of the large ones we have sold have gone out the door) but we're always open to changing it up if you want something a little different. We don't double as a custom framing studio for nothing!

We're clearly very excited about these, and have been waiting for months for them to arrive finally. They're even better than we expected them to be, and we can't wait for you to come and check them out!

Ross Jones Portfolio Collection

Fine art limited edition prints, archivally printed using the giclee printing process

Editions of 150 (currently 6 versions available)

Prints are $480 framed.