New In: Ross Jones' 2017 Releases + Something Special...

We always look forward to the new Ross Jones releases, just seeing what he comes up with next to add to the collection is a lot of fun. Being one of our top selling artists, we also love that we have new things to show all of you! We've got two new pieces to share, but before we do that we have something a little exciting to show you first.

The Colour Study

For the first time, Ross has given us one of his gorgeous colour studies! This one for his work 'En Route' is absolutely stunning in its print form, and the colour study gives us insight into how amazing the original must have been.

Ross' colour studies are part of the process for creating each of his full sized paintings (the ones that get converted into limited edition prints for the consumer market). Last year he began including them in exhibitions and they have started going up for sale as essentially mini originals of the hero pieces. The originals tend to fetch between $25k and $30k, but this little baby could be yours for $2000!

We currently have this one sitting in the window with its limited edition counterpart and they look so good together. Get in touch if you're interested in taking it home with you! This is an original, and the 'En Route' colour study is exclusive to Frame by Frame, so it will be the only opportunity to get your hands on it!

The 2017 Print Releases

Destination Moon

We've pretty excited about both of these too. 'Destination Moon' can best be described as the newer and slightly moodier 'Rocket Man'. The twilight setting for this makes it rich in colour and amazing to look at, plus the slightly more muted colours makes it an easy fit into a lot of home decor situations. With 'Rocket Man' being one of his most popular prints, naturally bringing the rocket back somehow was a perfect fit.

Hold the Line

Now for 'Hold the Line'. Similarly to 'Destination Moon', you may notice that this has similar vibes to another of Ross' popular prints. We Come in Peace' has been such a big seller for us as it is the perfect nostalgic print for so many people. The only issue is that it is one of his bigger sized prints (meaning you need to have a decent amount of wall space to do it any justice). This one is similar in theme with tin robots and army men galore. Best part, it's the slightly smaller size more common with his prints making it more flexible for people with not a lot of wall space. Both are awesome and we recommend you come in and have a look at both of them if you're into the tin robots like we are.

Ross Jones' Fine Art Prints

Limited edition runs of 49

High quality fine art prints, archivally printed using the giclee printing process

Unframed: $750

Framed: $1150

Get in touch if you're keen to get your hands on one! We try to have as many of Ross' prints in stock at a time as we can, but can also easily bring them in if you're after something we don't have on hand.

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