Great Prints for the Bach - Affordable to High End

Summer is coming! And that means more trips to the bach for many of you. Lying in the sun, having a family BBQ, and taking it nice and easy for as many long weekends as your boss will let you get away with.

But what isn't so easy is decorating the bach. Some of the things you buy for the city home can look a bit out of place at the beach. But with so many talented Kiwi artists, there is a huge selection of prints perfect for any bach, be it the modern architectural build, or the old cabin passed down through the generations.

From affordable little prints, to limited edition collectables, there is an option for everyone.

And don't forget, if you buy any print through us, then you will get a discount off custom framing it!


These sweet little bird prints are the perfect option for the tiny corner or awkward piece of wall. They're incredibly affordable, and will look great in a modern space or the classic bach.

From the Kingfisher to the Tui, if you have a favourite bird (or a particular friend who hangs out in the trees) there will be the perfect option for you. Each bird comes in different sizes up to around the A5 size.


Graphic designer Greg Straight has a wide variety of prints that range from sunny at the beach, to snowy in Cadrona. No matter what, you will find one you will like.

Better yet, his prints are super affordable and come in a variety of sizes so you can fit it to any wall size.

And yet ANOTHER bonus, because they are standard A sizes (A4, A3, A2) they fit straight into our standard frame range. They make a perfect affordable, but quality option when it comes to putting a print on the wall.

Just don't forget the UV glass if you're fortunate to have a bach that gets bathed in natural light!


Tony Ogle is a Kiwi icon for his beachy and bachy prints. With limited edition prints in runs of 150, his work is the next step up in price point from Greg Straight, of the most perfect option for any bach.

These prints will need custom frames, as none of his works are standard in size, but as with everything we sell you get 10% off your custom framing if you buy the print through us! Win win!

We have a couple of Tony Ogle prints in stock currently, many of which are framed and ready to walk out the door, so come in and snap them up before they're gone!


Ross Jones has the perfect work for the more modern bach. With bright and clean prints of his gorgeous original paintings, and coming in at different price points for different sizes, there is something for everyone. If you want a bigger statement grab one of the original limited edition prints. If you have a smaller spot on the wall, or don't have the budget for the larger prints, then the portfolio prints are where it's at. At $850 vs $35o, Jones is definitely tailoring his offering to serve anyone who loves his work.

If you love any of his prints, we can get them in stock and frame them for you. As with all other prints, when you buy them with us you get a discount off the framing! We have a standard pricing for the frame and print combo, at $1150 to $1500 for the original prints and $450 for the newer portfolio prints. It's guaranteed to be the same level of archival quality framing that we do for all our custom framing.

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