The 2018 Framing Trends - What Has Been Popular This Year

It's interesting watching what trends develop in the interior decorating world, because it so directly influences what you guys order from us!

From simple box frames, to angled frames, grey to natural wood, there have definitely been a few trends featuring heavily in our orders, and we thought it would be good to share those with you!


You can't go wrong with these. A clean and simple look that works with most every interior design taste, these are good when it comes to framing for a lifetime because no matter how your taste changes over time, your frames will always match.

This family comes in several different profiles, the most commonly ordered of which is the standard box frame, but they are all very frequently on our order sheets.

Classic and incredibly versatile, these frames are great on just about anything that comes in the door.


These have for sure been some of our top selling frames in the past year. From the day the collection was introduced, our customers have been loving them, and we completely understand why. With a range of colours, and a very neutral palette, they are incredibly versatile frames. From a black wash colour that is perfect when a painted black is a little to heavy, to a soft taupe brown that has been perfect on kids prints, the light grey that works just as well on a degree as is does on a print, to the natural wood that was such a perfect neutral wood that it became the sample we used for our shop frame series.

For the colours alone these samples are the perfect option for so many pieces, but the fact that they come in so many different profiles (8 to be exact) helps a great deal also.


This has been a huge seller for us in the past year too. Very tall and very skinny box frames. The thin frame, big mat look was fashionable for framing in the 80s and early 90's, and as with fashion generally, it has come back around with a more modern twisT. These frames are versatile and make anything you frame them in look ultra modern. Whether you're floating your artwork or over-mounting it, these will give you a great final product. They fill a very noticeable gap in the lineup and both us and our customers have been loving it.

These are particularly great when floating small prints or framing smaller objects because the frame is narrow so as to not overpower the pieces, but deep enough to handle the dramatic floated look.


We have had a range of angled frames for many years, with them being a pretty constant popular option, but the past year or two the options have expanded and it has made the use of angled frames even more versatile. Instead of subtle angles, more dramatic and bigger samples have been introduced to try and make a feature out of your angled frame. The above Grove Collection came out with the most extreme of the new options, and our suppliers quickly followed those up with a painted black and white due to their popularity. Not long after, the happy medium option came out which is one of the most versatily angled frame options we have. Between ultra skinny box frames, and angled frames, if has been a year for something modern and clean but a little different to make your framing look that much more special.

Angled frames are great on any number of things, but look especially cool on photography whether its framed up to the edge or matted.


You asked, and our suppliers delivered. The past 2 years we noticed an increase in people asking for grey frames, and for a while we had no options to show you, but our trusty suppliers heard your cries and we now have a selection of grey options. A couple of them are in the above grove options, but they also came out with some smaller profiles in a range of painted grey finishes.

We feel there is still some room to expand this range, as we feel like there are still some gaps to be filled, but we're slowly getting them!


Everyone will have noticed this with interior decor style generally, but natural wood has been huge for us the past few years, and over that time our suppliers have come out with more and more options. Once a very limited range, there are now over 40 light natural wood options to choose from, with different undertones to ensure there will be one that matches your artwork.


The Gold Frame

Watching the trends, we're thinking we will see a lot more people wanting that very bright looking gold finish that is coming out in detailing on furniture. We have a couple of options in store for this currently, but we may end up seeing a few more coming from our suppliers. Typically with a gold, a mire antiqued finish is applied in order to make it more neutral and versatile but because this is quite a traditional look the more modern styled frames are a bit brighter and more of a statement.

These will look particularly good with a lot of the foliage and floral prints we have seen becoming popular over the past few years, as well as any black and white prints, but are actually surprisingly versatile!

Modern Retro

The other trend we are noticing is that mid century furniture is coming back into fashion. Dark walnut wood, white detailing, and clean but classic lines is the style we're seeing in furniture, and this range of frames that have just been introcuced perfectly accompany that.

Modern retro is how we're jokingly talking about them around the studio. They seem like they will be quite flexible options, but again will look quite good on some of the same things the gold frames will. Foliage and floral type prints, but also anything with warm bright colours will be nicely complimented by the white grain and the accent of warm wood finish.