For Sale: Original Airbrushed Illustrations Commissioned by New Zealand Geographic

As art lovers we always enjoy seeing something different come through the door. We really do see our fair share of it too, but we were not expecting these.

These unique pieces are two original airbrushed illustrations commissioned by New Zealand Geographic Magazine. These artworks were used to illustrate the lead story for their respective issues of the magazine, as well as being featured as the backdrop of the pull out poster for the month.

The illustrations are exclusively for sale here at Frame by Frame, and are a unique opportunity to own a special piece of the magazines history.

The owner of these amazing pieces has dutifully kept the whole family together - retaining the magazine each piece was commissioned for, and the poster insert that features it.

Each of the illustrations are $3000 framed, and come with the magazine and poster they were commissioned for.

We've been absolutely blown away by them, and we know that you will be too. They would make amazing Christmas presents for someone you love or for yourself.

Once they are gone, they're gone forever! Get in touch ASAP to get your hands on your favourite.


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