Frame by Frame Alert Levels Guide

For certainty around how we are operating at each level of the Covid-19 Response System, check out the guide below. This will outline everything we are doing as a team, as well as what we ask of you as customers.

If you have any further questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch. CLICK HERE to go to our contact page.

At all levels:

  • Please stay home if you are sick.

  • We will do our best to accommodate those who are Immunocompromised - please just ask. We will happily wear a mask while consulting with you even at Level 1, and are more than happy to handle all samples etc to help with cross contamination between customers.

  • We are also happy to do remote consultations at all levels if you are unable to or uncomfortable with going in store.

Level 1:

Business as usual.

  • We still highly recommend signing into our business using the government’s QR tracker to help alert us and others should it be needed.

  • We will also be keeping up our regular routines of cleaning the benches regularly, and there will always be masks and hand sanitiser on site for you to use at your leisure.

  • No limits on customers in store, use of masks not necessary.

Level 2:

Precautions in places for our safety and yours.

  • Regular hours in place and all staff back on normal shift rotations.

  • Please wear a mask when in the shop if possible. We will wear masks while serving customers to keep you and us safe.

  • No customer limits, but social distancing recommended. If we have too many customers in the shop when you arrive, please feel free to wait outside in the sun or leave your work with us while you go for a wander around Nuffield Street.

  • We highly recommend signing into our business using the government’s QR tracker to help alert us and others should it be needed.

  • We will be contact tracing all customers coming into the store, taking full name and cell phone number.

  • We will be keeping up regular sanitising routines of the consultation area to keep everything safe.

  • There will always be hand sanitiser on site for you to use, and we request you do before we begin a consultation.

Level 3:

Restricted access for both staff and customers.

  • Open for contactless collections and drop offs.

  • Reduced hours: 10-1 Tues-Sat. Closed Sun & Mon.

  • Call before to give us a heads up that you’re coming in if you would like to check how busy we are, and please be patient with us should there already be someone with us when you arrive.

  • Virtual consultations available at customers request, and must be by appointment. Drop the work off to us, or ask a bubble mate to do it for you, and we can chat to you while you’re in the comfort of your home. We will do this via Zoom or FaceTime for Apple users

  • If you can pay your invoice online before coming to collect that would be our preference, though we do have a wireless eftpos terminal that we will sanitise between users.

  • We will handle the artwork and samples at all times to ensure no cross contamination between customers.

  • Please wear a mask. Our team members will wear one while consulting with you, and would appreciate if you wore them while consulting with them too. We have disposable ones available for customers, just ask us!

  • We highly recommend signing in at the door using the government’s official QR code tracker. We will also be contact tracing every customer manually taking full name and cellphone numbers.

  • There will be hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes available - please use them!

Level 4:

Store Closure.

  • Workshop closed to staff as well as to customers for both consultations and collections.

  • Our team will reply to enquiries from home, and help you plan out projects as best we can until we can chat in store.

  • Don’t hesitate to get in touch so you can help keep us amused!