Framing Price List

We offer a wide range of framing options when it comes to Bespoke, or 'Custom', picture framing, but we also have a range of pre-made standard sized frames to make framing your piece that little bit easier.

See below for all the options as well as their prices and upgrade options.

Bespoke (Custom) Picture Framing:


Custom picture framing can be so particular that it is impossible for us to create a pricing list. 


If you are interested in a rough, ball park figure, feel free to phone or email us, but we highly recommend coming in to see us for an obligation free quote! This allows us to properly advise you on what your piece needs and give you a fixed price for exactly what you want.



Ready-made  photo frames | $15 - $45


We have a range of ready-made frames in store to make framing your items even easier. We have frames in starndard photo sizes from 6x4 through to 10x12 in plain black or white frames. with archival mat boards.



Ready-made A4 and A3 Frames | $75 - $110


We also have A3 and A4 standard frames made up and ready to go. All come in standard black or white box frames with archival matboard..  Fitting cost is an additional $20 if required.



Ready-made A2 and A1 Frames | $110 - $150


Ready-made frames for larger items; there's no mats in these although we can cut and fit mats as required..   There's a number of methods of fitting these larger items for you if required.  Come in for a chat about the best method.



Ready-made University Degree Frames | from $75 


While custom framing allows you to custom design the home for your degree, we do offer standard sized shop frames for all major New Zealand Universities.


Ready-made frame doesn't mean a compromise in quality at Frame by Frame- All the boards are archival and the frames are solid wood - the same quality as all our custom frames. These come as a standard black box frame with a choice of 3 mat colours - white, black or cream.



Record Sleeve Frames | $75 


Our pre-made record sleeve frames are a cool way to admire the amazing cover art that many records have. They come with UV Filtering Glass to reduce fading when exposed to the light, as well as acid free boards to ensure no damage over time.





Our standard frames are designed so you can take them with you and fit them yourself, but we are more than happy to do it for you!

For a small additional fee, we can fit or upgrade the frame to make it perfect for your artwork.

Pricing varies depending on the size of the frame, and includes the following options:.



This includes such things as:

  • Hinging the work with archival tape

  • Ensuring all dust is removed

  • Sealing the frame with tape

  • Installing a hanging option


We can also customise the frames by:

  • Custom cutting the mat to fit the artwork

  • Upgrading the glass from standard clear to conservation grade UV glass.



If you have a question about any other product or service we provide, please don't hesitate to ask!

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